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Give them accurate search results before they even finish typing.

Every feature you need

We give you all the features you need to build from advanced listings to the most basic search box.


Our synonyms feature helps you to add search precision covering the whole users vocabulary.


Fine-tune your search by customizing your stopwords list and focusing on the words that matter most.


Allows your users to find a wider range of relevant information by reducing words to their base form.

Typo Tolerance

Correct common typos and misspellings, ensuring that you get the most accurate and relevant results possible.


Make sure the most relevant results are at the top of your list by weighting the "title" field more than the "description" field.


Give searchers an understanding of why a particular result was returned and how it relates to their search query.

Two steps for an unbeatable search.

Upload your data to Sigmie

Searching data directly in your application may be inaccurate because your app isn't built for it.

Overcome this by uploading your data to Sigmie which is explicitly crafted to handle complex searches with ease and use our user interface, to define rules to enhance result accuracy even more.

Forward Queries to Sigmie

Usually, when a user searches for something, your application receives the request, processes it, and then fetches the relevant data from the database.

With Sigmie you bypass this intermediary step and send queries directly to Sigmie, which returns results faster than your database can, giving your users a smoother experience.

Seamless Integration with the Tools You Use

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